Monday, May 22, 2017

Super Mom Slim Down Accountability Group

I cannot believe that we are less than 30 days until Summer. My daughters last day of preschool is this Thursday. Where has the year gone? We have so many things planned this summer from long weekend trips to see family and friends, day trips to different zoo's, family visiting us this summer, going to Michigan, plus our Summer Bucket List. (I see Taxi written on my forehead) There will be lots of fun cocktails, beer, and great food that we grill out with!  This is my FAVORITE time of the year.  I swear that I am just a much happier person in the summer months. Sunshine, longer days, being outside, spending time with friends and family all makes me happy. 

Who else is FED UP! Enough is enough! I'm sick and tired of feeling BLAH in everything I wear. My skin is dull, my mood is flat, my energy level has been at an all time low and I am DREADING summer because I don't want to put on a bathing suit. Plus I have lost my energy to chase after my kids 24/7 . CONFIDENCE, I need to get my confidence back

This summer doesn't have to be like every other summer where we are hating the skin we are in. Dreading putting on that bathing suit and shorts. Lets start making changes NOW!!!! To work towards the body we deserve, getting more energy, improving our mood, gaining confidence and making changes for a lifestyle you can stick to. As mom we always seem to put ourselves on the back burner. We need to start making time for ourselves and start loving the skin we are in.

Does that sound like you??? Who wants to join me in hitting some goals. 
My goal is to help you (and myself) shed those 10, 15 maybe 20+ lbs and take control of your nutrition, your fitness and your overall health! It's time to take charge of YOU and make this your MOST CONFIDENT summer yet! No more hiding behind baggy clothes. I know we can do it together. 

So starting on June 5th I’m going to be hosting the 5 week Super Mom Slim Down.  How it works is this:  it is a closed online accountability and support group that you can access through our private app.  I will help match you up with a Beachbody fitness program that meets your current needs and ability level, I will match you up with the Shakeology flavor that works for you, and the nutrition plan, and then you will be added to the accountability group.  In the group the first week I call it prep week.  This is where I will help you to set realistic and achievable goals, I will help you to navigate the meal plan, the nutrition guide, we will actually do a meal plan together, I will give you recipes, tips and daily accountability.
Each week you will receive a Monday Mindset video from me. Daily you will get accountability, motivation, support and love from myself and the interaction from the entire group of customers/coaches.
My goal is to help you start and finish a program, change your eating habits and get the results that you want and desire based on your goals.  So if this sounds like something you would like to do then please complete the application below to get additional information and to join.

Here's Some of What You Will Get:
  • Meal Planning
  • Healthy Recipe Swaps
  • Weekly Meal Planning
  • Tips to handle temptations
  • Tips to handle late night snacking
  • How to keep it clean when ordering at a restaurant
  • Tips for traveling and going on vacation and staying accountable
  • How to handle the unsupportive family members or picky eaters in your family
  • One meal a day provided by Shakeology
  • Portion Control Container system
  • Access to over 700 workout videos for a year 
  • Access to me 24/7 through the challenge tracker app, FB and or email

My job is to answer your questions, help you when you get stuck, and be your biggest cheerleader.  Truly I just want you to feel in control and confident in your skin! Having the extra accountability and support is a key factor to getting results that last. 

So now it’s your time!  Will you let me mentor you to reaching your health and fitness goals?  Let’s do this together.
Trust me you can make a lot of progress in 30 days!!  I know the tricks and the tips and I can help you get to where you want to be!
But it all starts with you, a decision, a commitment and then the work to get out what you put in!  It is an investment in your health but it’s the very best gift you can give to yourself.

Are you in?!  The next step is to fill out the application below:

Fill out my online form.
There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Energy Protein Bites

I have been telling myself for weeks that I needed to make some more Shakeology energy protein bites. They are so easy and addicting. Instead I have just been going and buying Lara bars, which are just as delicious as well. Yesterday Ella and I were in the kitchen, making brownies as part of Mother/Daughter day. I asked her if she wanted to help make me some. She was excited to make them with me. We started making the Cafe Latte ones, she asked if we could make the chocolate ones also so she could have one too. (she isn't a fan of Cafe Latte)
Some days you want to drink your shake other days you just want to eat it. 

These are quick, easy, delicious. They are great to grab on the go, I love that Shakeology has so many vitamins and nutrients, Plus they are kids safe. My kids are always stealing my shakes, and now my balls too. These no bake energy protein bites are the perfect healthy snack. 
I have to admit. I didn't come up with these myself. I found the original recipe on Fit and Funky's blog. I did modify the second recipe for Ella's liking. 

Original (the way I like them)
2 scoops of Shakeology any flavor
1/2 cup raw shredded coconut
1/2 honey
1/2 crunchy peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla extract

- Mix well
- Place in fridge for 5 minutes
- Roll mixture into balls
- Store in zip-lock in fridge

Modified for Ella
2 scoops of Shakeology (she refers vegan chocolate
1/2 cup raw shredded coconut
1/2 cup noey
1/2 creamy peanut butter
2 hand fulls chocolate chips
1 tsp vanilla extract

- Mix well
- Place in fridge for 5 minutes
- Roll mixture into balls
- Store in zip-lock in fridge


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 4 Recap and Meal Plan

I can't believe it is almost the end this 30 day round of Country Heat. There are only two more days left. Be sure to check back later this week for an announcement of what program I have decided to do next. Plus the results from doing Country Heat workout program and sticking to the meal plan. I can't wait to share it.

I have to say I have heard so much fun this round, compared to back in August when I did my first round and didn't fully finish or follow through. It could my mindset, of the amazing girls I have in my accountability group this time around. 
I think that since I have done the meal plan with portion containers for so long it is just a norm for me now. I don't stress it and I stick to what works for me and a lot of that means having the same thing everyday for breakfast, but I love eggs. 

This past week I have started logging my calories in myfitnesspal app tracker and I am loving it. I have pretty much stuck to eating healthier because of it. Also I have done less impulse snacking because I dont want to have to track it. 

This week is going to be a little big more difficult with dinners. I work 3 nights. I have no problem meal prepping and taking my dinners with me to eat at work, my problem is coming up with something quick and easy for Brian to make for the kids. Tuesday is an issue cause we both work crazy hours and the kids are going from one babysitter to another. It could mean fast food for them, which doesn't happen very often so it would be a huge treat, or they get whatever Grandma makes for them. That I have no control over. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Officially 365er

I have been a coach since August 31, 2015. For the first 4 months I drank my shakes pretty consistent. One of my goals last year was to drink my shake every day for 366 days (leap year). I achieved it. 
Beachbody has an Members-ONLY club, which honors serious Shakeology 365ers that have orderd 12 consecutive monthys of Shakeology. I am so excited to be apart of it. 

As a 365er you get a premium reward package which includes and exclusive 365er shaker cup and the can only be earned Golden Scoop.

No the prizes aren't the only rewards. The changes I have seen within myself this past year are really the awards, Shakeology has helped to curb by sweet tooth, help with cravings, gives me energy to keep up with my kids, easiest way to get all these amazing superfoods, it keeps my digestive system regular, and I don't get sick as often (if ever) or as worse as what I use to.

Want to try Shakeology or learn more about it? Send me a message

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Country Heat Week 3 and Menu

Another week in the books. This week it has started becoming a habit. Besides switching my Saturday and Sunday rest day around, every workout got done with no questions asked. They all happened sometime during the day, besides today I got up early and got it done. Oh I almost forgot. One day I switched up on of the workouts for an BOD Elite exclusive. That day I just felt like I needed to sweat a little more. I love every workout and the music. But some of the workouts I feel like I get more of a sweat than others. 
Thursday night I finally took the opportunity to do Dance Conditioning. It is recommended to do 2x a week starting the 2nd week. It is an extra 25 minute workout. I honestly just didn't want to do it. I have to say OMG did my legs feel sore the next day after doing it. It is a great toner workout and also works your upper body.

I did have a little struggle with my nutrition this week. There was one night I had an ice cream bar, and on Friday we had an awards banquet where I had a little to much dessert. For the most part we stuck to our menu. Breakfast is always eggs. Lunches I really just had leftovers again. Dinners we stuck to the menu for the most part. Next week I work a few nights so it will be a little harder for me to make everyone dinner, but I will take my dinner with me so I don't have the urge to order out. 

Interested in my next accountability support group? Lets chat and see if the next group would be right for you. Send me an e-mail  

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Love Yourself Accountability Group

How are you doing with your health and fitness New Year Resolutions? Be honest!!! We are coming to the end of January. Statistics show more than 50% of people have already fallen off the wagon and haven't jumped back on. There are numerous reasons this happen: busy gym, lack of motivation, not seeing results, don't really know where to start... The list goes on and on. I had been one of those people for years. I can't tell you how many times I signed up for a gym membership and used it less than 30 times. I got discouraged by the parking lot, the waiting for a machine, and not knowing how to use the machines properly or how many reps to do. I also use to have the mind set when I worked out today it is ok to stop at Burger King. I know now that your nutrition is 80% accountable for your results. 

No matter what your excuse for falling off the band wagon or not even jumping on the wagon. It is not to late. Every month (sometimes twice a month) I run accountability groups that give you the added support, motivation, and encouragement. Starting February 6th is prep week for my next accountability group "Love Yourself Virtual Bootcamp". 

This specific accountability and support group is geared towards loving yourself. I will help you determine the right fitness program and nutrition guide for your needs. I will also being walking you through the process of changing your unhealthy habits, creating a more positive mindset, embracing your imperfections, getting the word diet out of your vocabulary, and helping you to have self love. Along with giving you meal plans, grocery lists, 1 on 1 coaching, recipes, clean eating tips, and more. There will also be contest to win some awesome prizes. 

The group is run through an app you can download right on your phone. It is private that only the members of our accountability group will be able to see anything you post, plus you can change it so only me (your coach) will be able to view your details You can track your workout, measurements, shakes, weight, plus asks questions, interact with each other, share photos and more. 

Do I have you intrigued? Here are the requirements:
- I must be assigned your coach through Team Beachbody
- You must be commited to drinking 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the group (30 days)
- You must commit to starting and finishing a Beachbody program which we decide on together. 
- You must be willing and able to check into and participate in the support and accountability group daily. 

Does this sound like something you want to do? Fill out the application below to reserve your spot. I am only accepting a small group of customers who are motivated and ready to make a change!!!! Lets face it. There will never be a perfect time. The perfect time is NOW!! So lets get started.
Fill out my online form.
Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Crockpot Chicken Taco Soup

I posted the recipe for the Chicken Taco Soup over on my personal blog. It is kids and husband approved and 21 Day Fix approved. Check it out HERE